Keynote Speaker


“Where the Sidewalk Ends and Real Discovery Begins”

CMS Welcomes Keynote Speaker Geoffrey Bishop 

Nature is an essential aspect of educating the whole child. Research substantiates that connections to the natural world enhances cognitive abilities and has far reaching social, emotional, and health benefits. This presentation will energize your teaching and advance ways to reconnect children to the transformative power of nature. Ideas will be presented that encourage wonder, curiosity, and care of the natural environment, along with promoting nature discovery as a central element in the life of your community. Highlights will include a range of creative activities and integrated curriculum experiences to revitalize children’s relationship to the natural world.

Geoffrey Bishop

Geoffrey E. Bishop, hails from the bush in North West NSW, Australia where he spent his childhood on his family’s sheep station. He attended an agricultural boarding school and studied horticulture and landscape architecture at university. Geoffrey has traveled the world, visiting over 80 countries, trekking in rural areas, learning cultures, and understanding his place in the world. In 1996 Geoffrey started Nature’s Classroom Institute of Wisconsin, Inc. NCI, a residential environmental education program serving schools throughout the Midwest. The Nature’s Classroom Institute program helps students understand the natural environment, participate in ecosystem exploration, and study and work together with their peers and teachers as a community. After developing a strong academic and environmental outdoor-based curriculum, he formed Nature’s Classroom Montessori School, blending Montessori philosophy with his environmental principles. The past Board Chair of the Wisconsin Association of Environmental Education (WAEE), he has been honored by WAEE as Wisconsin Non-Formal Educator of the Year.