Workshop Handouts

B4. Bringing Nature into the Classroom – Emily Webb and Chapi Johnson (Infant- 6 years)

Bringin Nature in the Classroom (Part1)

Bringing Nature into the Classroom (part2)

B6. Whatever the Problem, Community is the Answer: Raising your Student Empathy Quotient – – Deepa Shreekumar (3-6 & Admin)

Cultivating Empathy through Community

C4. Montessori Music: Demystifying the Bells– Jessica Simpson (3-9 years)

Montessori music – bells presentation with pics

C5. The Importance of Handwriting and The Case for Cursive – Anya Bartlett (3-12 years)

The Importance of Handwriting

The Importance of Handwriting (cursive letters)

The Importance of Handwriting and Cursive-CMS_Conference_2018